mona :: drama with a sense of humour

MONA is the Museum of Old and New Art, within the Moorilla winery estate in Hobart, and we were lucky enough to visit on our recent trip to Tasmania with the KBDi (Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute). MONA is the creation of David Walsh, a native Tasmanian, and balances finely along the edge of being oppressive and shocking, yet with a sense of humour that you can’t ignore. There is a certain cockiness about the whole MONA experience, from the MONA ROMA ferry, to his and hers car parking entitled ‘God’ & ‘God’s Mistress’, even the way the architecture of the building sits within the landscape. The main gallery is situated predominantly beneath the ground, carved into the rock, and constructed from steel, concrete and glass, with exposed rock faces looming within the space. The artworks displayed at MONA can be confronting, with ideas that challenge you and surprise you. There are also pieces that just make you laugh  – a favourite of mine being Queen (A portrait of Madonna) which featured 30 screens of individuals singing the entire Madonna Immaculate Collection a cappella. Below we share some of pics from our MONA experience…. apart from the must have MONA shot up first!

Eat Bathe Live Mona11

 MONA as viewed from the water. Photography credit Matt Newton

Eat Bathe Live Mona8

Looking from MONA back towards Hobart and Mt Wellington.

Eat Bathe Live Mona9

Being a typical designer and loving the colour of the gum tree being picked up in the timber cladding and concrete of the architecture.

Eat Bathe Live Mona10

First stop within the gallery and looking back up towards the surface. Masses of gorgeous exposed rock looming above.

Eat Bathe Live Mona3

The eerie end to the artwork entitled ‘Krytpos’ by Brigita Ozolins

Eat Bathe Live Mona4

Looking down to the base of the gallery, the angular stairs and balustrades accentuated by the lighting are amazing.

Eat Bathe Live Mona6

The artwork ‘Bit.fall’ by Julius Popp, falling water creating not so random words against this rock wall.

Eat Bathe Live Mona2The ‘Strand Bench Seat’ by Sally Brown, illuminated  in the spotlight with other glowing artworks adorning the surrounding walls.

Eat Bathe Live Mona7

A beautiful copper door with ‘fur’ at the entrance to the wine bar. Loved this! (trust me, the photo doesn’t do it justice!)

Eat Bathe Live Mona

Sandstone wall on the outdoor lawn bar with suspended steel cages creating texture, light and colour.

Eat Bathe Live Mona5
There’s that sense of humour again….

The entire visit to MONA really just works, after visiting the gallery it was lovely to enjoy a glass of wine from the estate while chilling on the lawn listening to live music. MONA…. I’ll be back!