why buy local design?

Well….. why not?? So often we are bombarded with imported products both instore and online – they’re accessible, well advertised and often less expensive than locally made products. BUT, it’s really time to take a look around at all the amazing local designers and what they have to offer! Not only does it encourage more Australian made products and help support our economy, but it’s environmentally friendly as it saves in transportation costs. Take a look at some of my favourite interior products that are made in Australia. All the products shown below are quality made and NOT mass produced in factories. If you take the time to look around for local products, you really will find something special for your home!

mod collective

pieces of porcelain by the mod collective  ::  themodcollective.com.au


coco pendant by coco flip design  ::  cocoflip.com.au


echo 340 side table by zuster  ::  zuster.com.au


nook bed by jardan  ::  jardan.com.au

JAMJAR Furniture Design Studios

jamjar storage jar  ::  jamfactory.com.au


cavletti table by mark tuckey  ::  marktuckey.com.au


fabric designed by grace garrett  ::  gracegarrett.com

earl pinto

leaf pendant by earl pinto  ::  earlpinto.com.au


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