Working with a return client is a joy, having ironed out the pleasantries of trust, you can dive straight into the creative.

Collaborating with Evan Kamvissis Architecture, was engaged early in the ‘Hampton House’ project to ensure the exterior and interior mirrored design elements, capitalising on functionality, but not compromising on luxurious finishes and features. The interior palette confidently weaving a myriad of textures in blues and greys. A balanced symmetry, windows framed by lowline linear focal points, accentuated with unique fittings and fixtures in bathroom and kitchen design. A project that was intuitively harmonious, delivering effortless comfort and style.

Design -
Architecture - Evan Kamvissis Architecture
Construction - APC Build
Photography - Tatjana Plitt
Styling - Demé Interiors
Completed - 2022

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